Adult Beginner Courses

Groups of max 8 people

  • First steps are taken in the nursery area...
  • Next we learn to break and turn
  • After the first turns and learning to distribute your weight you may be ready for the piste
  • Everyone on piste! Obviously we start with the easy slopes...
  • Next we learn to do bigger and more secure turns
  • The week finishes repassing all that we’ve learned
Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Standard Principianti

Adult Improver Courses

Groups max 8/9 people per instructor

1st Day - Selection process to form groups then we refresh the basics
2nd Day - Specific exercises and "tricks of the "trade"
3rd Day - More exercises as we move up the mountain
4th Day - Exercises aimed at race training (when Guest Race is on).
5th Day - Improvement of ski technique and exercises of general coordination
6th Day - Last day of skiing, ski certificates are handed out and we say goodbye until next year!

Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Standard Avanzati
Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Standard Adulti Avanzati