Beginner Courses Children

This course is dedicated to our youngest and smallest skiers who want to play and learn to ski. The instructors on this course are all specialised in teaching children. The course takes place in the afternoon to make the most of the warmest hours of the day. The participants have sole use of the nursery area during the lessons to assure the maximum safety and calm. Learn whilst playing is the motto of this course.

Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | BABY ELITE

Beginners Standard

From 7 to 10 pupils per group.

With this 12 hour course you’ll learn to ski in the company of our friendly and patient instructors. First steps are taken on the nursery slope where we have exclusive use of a travelator and teaching aids to make the learning process easier and fun.

Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Corsi Bambini principianti

Elite courses for advanced

The right balance between private lessons and group lessons. Fewer students per group and longer hours to ensure a visible effect. The kids who want to participate in this course must already have made a ski course in the past and be able to go down at least to plow.

Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Elite Avanzato
Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Elite Avanzato

Full Time advanced

From 6 to 8 pupils per group.

Lunch is taken in one of the mountain restaurants. This is a wonderful course for making the most of your week’s skiing. This course is unique in that it doesn’t involve just learning to ski, we also teach about elements of the surrounding terrain and environment. We’ll ski through the woods and reveal the secret of the forests, we’ll discover and identify animal prints, we’ll look at snow formation and the transformation of ice crystals to better understand when and how an avalanche forms. We’ll show you how to find a person buried under an avalanche and what to do to protect yourself and apply first aid and we’ll teach you how to find your bearings in bad visibility. There will be an introduction to freeride skiing with easy and safe trips off piste. These courses are held by specialised instructors and Alpine Guides.

Scuola di sci Dolomiti di Brenta | Tempo Pieno Avanzato